Yes We Can
Yes We Can
Top Ten Reasons Why We Can Our Award-Winning Beer
  1. Cans are fun to crush.
  2. Bottle openers are not required.
  3. Cans don’t clink nor shatter in your purse/backpack/cooler.
  4. Cans are more convenient.

    They are easier to stack, and fit better in any cooler or fridge space.

  5. They fit perfectly in your favorite koozie.
  6. Glass is prohibited on Montana’s award winning rivers & streams.

    …And we love going fishing!

  7. Cans are made of 100% recyclable aluminum and are the most recycled beverage containers in the world.
  8. Unlike glass, cans are opaque. “Light-tight” cans ensure the freshest tasting beer, as does the food-grade lining, of course.
  9. Cans are outdoor friendly, light weight and transportable, allowing you to take them on your next Montana adventure to the river, lake, golf course, campground or any place glass is prohibited.
  10. We are… In Search of Cooler Times®

    Aluminum cans require less energy to produce, ship, and recycle, and cool down significantly faster than glass.