Main Stay Beers

Kettlehouse Home MapAll of our beers are brewed with Montana grown and malted barley, hops from the Yakima Valley and pure water from Missoula’s aquifer!


Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale is our flagship beer and biggest award winner. It is a dark smooth ale with a slightly sweet coffee finish.  Named after the light, bottomless powder that falls in Montana, Cold Smoke® is the transcendent powder experience craved by skiers and boarders. “No friends on powder days!” If you have ridden Cold Smoke® , you know what I mean. Available at both Taprooms. 6.5% abv; 11 IBUs

Double Haul® IPA  is our full bodied, hoppy, award winning India Pale Ale made with Montana barley and Northwest grown cascade hops. We’re the first modern craft brewery in Montana to package it in cans, so you can enjoy it on the rivers, lakes, golf courses and anywhere else glass is prohibited. Recycle your can, and you can save up for that 4 piece you’ve always wanted. Look for it on nitro in our local taproom, a.k.a Myrtle St IPA. Available at both Taprooms. 6.5% abv; 65 IBUs

Eddy Out® Pale Ale has been a favorite at KettleHouse Brewing since 1996. Brewed with a healthy dose of Cascade aroma hops, Eddy Out® is a classic American Pale Ale. This style is characterized by a citrusy American hoppiness balanced with a slight biscuit flavored malt character. The light copper color in this ale comes from caramelized malt which also aids in head retention. All this to describe a highly quaffable brew with a crisp hop finish. Great on a hot summer day, or a cold winter day while dreaming of a hot summer day. Available at both Taprooms. 5.5%; 50 IBUs

Fresh Bongwater® Hemp Pale Ale is made with Montana grown barley and Canadian grown industrial hemp making it a smooth drinking, slightly nutty light ale. Caramel malts are added to enhance head retention and contribute a touch of sweetness. Great for parties where mass appeal is desired. Available at both taprooms. 5% abv; 22 IBUs


Lake Missoula® Amber was a bronze medal winner at the 2009 NABA awards. Amber in color with slight residual sweetness from caramel malts balanced with Golding hops. Available at both taprooms. 5.5% abv; 24 IBUs

Olde Bongwater™ Hemp Porter also won a gold & bronze medal at the 2008 & 2009 NABA brewfest, respectively.  We add pelletized industrial hemp to this notorious brew for a slight nutty or grainy flavor. This is a rich, chocolaty, robust style porter. Available at the Southside Taproom. 5.5% abv; 25 IBUs.

Brick & Mortar™ Belgian Dark Strong Ale is as bold and robust as the old time mason tradesman. Ancient Trappist Ale yeast, chocolate, black and roasted barley yield rich flavors and dark fruit aromas. Only available at the Northside Taproom. 8% abv; 45 IBUs