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Breaking the 10,000 bbl Barrier

Yesterday I noticed long time employee Colleen Bitter eating her lunch in the new back section of the Myrtle Street KettleHouse. Ok Myrtle Street Taphouse (MSTH) to be technically correct, but I’ll get to that later.  Her sandwich sat where a 14 barrel fermenter sat last year, which is where a 10 bbl open fermenter… Read more »

KettleHouse Launches New Website

Our company mission has long been to strive for better, cooler times in the quality of our beer and our lives and we’ve tried to make our website reflect that. We have an awesome and comprehensive outdoor recreations page where you can find creative, educational and fun websites to check out before embarking on your… Read more »

The Plan: Operation “Close our Taprooms”!

By now word is out that the Kettlehouse Brewery on Myrtle street is undergoing some changes. We have been remodeling the space adjacent to us in order to restructure our business.  The plan is to move all brewing tanks into the adjacent space so that physical separation between the taproom and the brewery can be… Read more »

Update on our Draw Down and Clarifications

Who’d a thunk our decision to circle the wagons and try to fill the rising demand for Cold Smoke® in our own back yard would have caused such a stir?  We even got mentioned on one of our brewing hero’s, New Glarus of WI , facebook pages and a Catholic blog entry entitled “What Would Jesus Drink?”…. Read more »